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To help you maximise sales and save time and money, we have put together our best products for the festive season.

1.  Brema Ice Machine

Avoid costly repairs during the festive season, choose a reliable ice machine

Brema Ice Machines are electromechanical in operation, which means they are simple to use with no expensive and troublesome PC boards.

Each unit is factory tried and tested, and includes 2 year parts and labour warranty.

View the range at www.comcater.com.au/brema

2.  PureVac Vacuum Packaging Machine

Bulk-buy and safely store out of season produce, for a more cost effective and well rounded menu

Saving you time and offering significant savings to your bottom line, PureVac provides the convenience of preparing food in advance without sacrificing product quality.

Heavy duty and durable, PureVac features an extra strong double seal and features Busch Vacuum pumps, renowned worldwide for their anti-corrosion layer to protect against liquids.

Products will also achieve a longer shelf life and enhanced flavour retention.

View the range athttp://www.comcater.com.au/purevac 

3. Comenda Dishwasher

Receive a faster return on investment and reduce running costs with a green dishwasher

From compact under counter glasswashers to large automated flow systems, Comenda offers over 200 eco-friendly dishwashing solutions that deliver on maximum performance, hygiene and reliability.

Comenda’s ECO2™ technology delivers significant savings in energy and water consumption and reduced chemical and detergent usage.

View the range at http://www.comcater.com.au/comenda

4. Vitamix Blender

Reduce prep-time, improve efficiency and expand your menu offerings with quality blending equipment

Built to last, Vitamix is the only brand to use a hardened, laser-cut, stainless-steel blade, ensuring every edge is razor sharp and unlikely to rust over time.

The range offers a blender for every application including; cocktails, smoothies, frozen drinks, frappes and food preparation.

View the range at

5. Vollrath Induction Cooker

Expand your menu options and offer quality food from any destination

Vollrath Induction Cookers are lightweight and compact giving you the convenience to take them anywhere.

Requiring only 10-15 amps, the units are plug and play, making them ideal for outdoor functions. 

Perfect for searing fish and meat at high heat, tempering chocolate, sautéing, buffet stations and continuous duty stock pot, pasta and sauces, Vollrath has a solution to suit you.

View the range at http://www.comcater.com.au/vollrath

6. Menumaster MXP high-speed oven

Cook up to 15 times faster than a convectional oven!

Expand your menu options with the Menumaster MXP high-speed oven.

This cost effective and compact unit, allows you to cook up to 15 times faster than convectional ovens.

With no costly ventilation required, the 360 programs offer endless menu options from focaccias and toasted sandwiches to pizzas and pastas.

View the range at

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