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Back to basics: how to setup a killer storeroom

Poper food storage is the cornerstone of good food safety and hygiene. This is where the Cambro brand can make a real difference to your storeroom setup. In this article, we'll discuss the various benefits of Cambro's Camshelving Basics Plus, run you through some of the new features and how these features can help your business.

What is Cambro's Camshelving Basics Plus?

Simply put, the Basics series shelving by Cambro is the little brother to the Camshelving Premium and Elements range of comercial kitchen shelving, with a reduced weight bearing capacity and size availablility. Earlier in 2017, Cambro added some new features to the range and rebranded the Basics series to Basics Plus to better reflect these updates. These features include new dovetail and traverse desigtn for greater strength and durability, taller post kits and increased corner connectors. With For a full breakdown of some of the improvements to the range, check out the comparison doc here.

We now know what's new to the range, but what are some of the long standing features of Camshelving Basics Plus?

HACCP compliant 

Cambro's Basics Plus shelving is compliant under hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), backed by original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranties and insurance and audited by the National Sanitation Foundation. Cambro shelving solutions are a proven way to take HACCP compliance seriously - something that every business owner should have at the front of their mind. This starts with easy to clean removable shelves that won't rust or result in chipped paint.The shelving is also weldness, providing a hygienic design that is built to last. 

Multiple configuration options

If you think that installing coolroom shelving is difficult, Cambro Basics Plus makes it easy with simple instructions - plus you only need a rubber or plastic mallet to erect. From here, you can position the shelves as you require them. 

Of course, one of the benefits of Cambro shelving is that there are multiple configuration options. The three shelving lines including Basics Plus can be configured to fit your storeroom or coolroom offering users single units, corner or U-shape units.

Basics Plus is designed to work with your space. For example, if there is a post in the middle of the storeroom, two units can attach to this structure without affecting the weight bearing capacity of either.

Again, looking at food safety and hygiene, all shelf plates can be removed to be cleaned - reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The plates are designed with a smooth non-porous conducive for comprehensive cleaning and easy spill control.

How Camshelving Basics Plus can support your business

On the surface, shelving might not seem like a major equipment decision compared to combi ovens or deep fryers. However,storeroom shelving is the start of the kitchen journey - ensuring that each dish that is served to your customers is safe and free from contamination.

This is why shelving is a necessary investment as Chris Wilson, Projects Manager at Royal Randwick Racecourse describes.

"The cheaper shelving out there doesn't work long–term. It chips easily and rusts, and then of course there are HACCP concerns with this," he said.

"When it came to selecting a storage system for our new glassware and crockery, we knew instantly we were in safe hands with Comcater and Cambro."

Preparing to design a storeroom or coolroom?

Over the past 40 years, Comcater has supported countless hospitality businesses design their kitchen for productive, safe and cost-effective operations.

Cambro shelving is designed to last and allows you to not worry about when the health inspector turns up. If you would like to learn more about designing a killer storeroom, get in touch with our team today - we look forward to speaking with you!

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